SK Handloom Weavers

We provide best home made handloom products, special offer available! We accepting large and small orders.

  • Pure handloom collections
  • Handloom sarees and setmundu
  • Multi color and designs available
  • Customized designs are provided
Homemade Handloom Weavers

Best Home Made Handloom Products, Special Offer Available!

The founder of SK Weavers, P. Chandrashekharan is woven along with his occupation. With 5th standard education, he started at the age of 13 by helping at home. With in his 38 years of consistent in struggle never succumbing to power lure that surrounded him. He was build his own house and given good education to his children, one of then a Fashion Technology graduate from Tirupur. These are being his personal achievements only.